Installment Loans for Companies

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Why do business owners like installment payments?

Deposits are reminiscent of a regular bank loan, you own the item and make amortization. see for further notes

Installment for companies is a good financial solution when, for example, it is time to invest in new vehicles and machines.
With installments, you use the machine or your vehicle as security and here is the opportunity to set up a installment plan that corresponds to the depreciation.


Some benefits of installment as a financial solution

Some benefits of installment as a financial solution

  • The entrepreneur or the farmer is able to make extra repayments in order to settle the loan prematurely.
  • The machine or vehicle can be both new and used, we find an installment model that feels attractive to your company.
  • A regular installment form is straight amortization, which means that the company pays more at the beginning of the loan when the cost of the vehicle / machine is lower and then has a lower amortization since the costs for the item normally increase in the form of service and repair costs.
  • You have the opportunity to deposit the loan as an annuity loan, which means that the repayment is the same amount every month.

Contact us at Golias Finans and we will help you find a favorable payment plan for your company!
(Below are answers to frequently asked questions about installment)


Frequently asked questions and answers regarding installment

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding installment

  • When you choose to pay off a machine or a vehicle, your credit facility is not charged to the bank.
  • Your company or agriculture may terminate the agreement by making additional payments.
  • The machine or equipment you wish to pay can be new or used when you buy it.
  • Normal installment time is 36-72 months.
  • We offer straight amortization, which means a higher monthly cost at the beginning of the rental period and a lower monthly cost altogether as the contract period runs.
  • If you wish to pay off workshop machines, we offer annuity loans, which means that the installment is equally large each month. We also offer annuity loans for other types of installments.

Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about installments and which arrangements we can offer!

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