Circular Economy – Read About How to Reuse More



Circular economy – With a new strategy, the environmental, food and business ministries will ensure that more companies have the opportunity to switch to a circular economy. It is an economy where there is a focus on reusing and repairing rather than throwing out.


Today, there are many things that are made to be used for a certain period and then be thrown out. This applies to everything from mobile phones to tights. However, a new strategy from the business, environment and food ministries will now have to change by giving DKK 116 million to 15 initiatives to ensure a more circular economy.

With a circular economy, emphasis is placed on the fact that the things being manufactured and the houses being built can be repaired to a much greater extent. It helps to make us use fewer resources as a society. It is both good for the environment and the economy.

The 15 initiatives will help Danish companies to be equipped for a more circular production. This will ensure that they can continue to compete in global competition. It is expected that the circular life cycle will be much more important in the future.

This is how the circular economy comes into practice

This is how the circular economy comes into practice

There are many different ways in which the circular economy can be expressed in Danish society. First of all, it can be about building buildings that can last for many years. For example, it may be easy to refurbish them or adapt them to your needs.

Of course, for companies that produce goods, it is also about making them so that it is possible to repair them. At the same time, there must be a focus on the fact that the goods are made to a greater extent by recycled materials. It will be far better for the climate.

“We need to look with more critical eyes on our unsustainably large consumption of
natural resources. By using fewer materials and increasing recycling, companies can get
more value out of less, ”says environment and food minister Jakob Ellemann-
Jensen in a press release.

Possible for small businesses to implement the circular economy

Possible for small businesses to implement the circular economy

If you have a small business, you may think that it will not be so likely that you will do something about it with the circular economy. There are so many other things to be looked after in the company.

However, the strategy has just taken into account the small businesses. Therefore, there is extra support for them so they can implement the new form of economy. This tells the business minister Rasmus Jarlov:

“A more circular economy could help lower business costs and thereby make them more competitive. This also applies to the SMEs, which with the strategy we set a special one
focus on supporting, ”he says in a press release.

However, he also emphasizes that it is important that the circular economy is not only good for the environment and the climate, but that it is also market-driven.