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The investment loan for companies is targeted at companies. It is used to pay for investments related to the purchase of fixed assets, necessary or helpful in the development and modernization of an economic entity.

In order to get an investment loan, the entrepreneur’s creditworthiness and the assessment of the investment to be financed are necessary. It is a duty that the financed investment brings profits necessary to repay capital and interest. The degree of security depends on the assessment of the undertaking. Usually it is a mortgage for fixed assets in the company. They can also be guarantees and sureties. Such a loan is the hardest to get for young companies that are just starting their business.
The cost of the loan consists of commission and interest. The commission is charged in accordance with the rate set in the tariff of fees and commissions. Considering interest, they are calculated based on variable interest rates. At present, the interest rate on investment loan is very advantageous in most banks, because banks impose relatively low margins.

The basis for obtaining a loan is a good and low-risk project, which can be financed 100% by the bank or a personal contribution may be required. This depends on the financial condition of the entrepreneur and the assessment of the undertaking made on the basis of the project.
The loan obtained is paid in tranches. Moreover, the bank constantly checks the use of money, which is specified in detail in the contract.

When choosing a particular bank, one should be guided primarily by favorable conditions for granting an investment loan. You also need to pay attention in which situations the bank may withdraw from the loan and whether additional payments are associated with its early repayment.


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