Month: March 2019

Corporate Loan – Loan in 1 Minute

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  Corporate loans: You will receive a loan commitment of 1 minute We can give your company a loan commitment of 1 minute by automatically analyzing the sales right now. All you have to do is connect to your accounting program (eg Visma or Fortnox), it only requires 1-2 clicks. When the connection is completed, […]

Circular Economy – Read About How to Reuse More

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    Circular economy – With a new strategy, the environmental, food and business ministries will ensure that more companies have the opportunity to switch to a circular economy. It is an economy where there is a focus on reusing and repairing rather than throwing out.   Today, there are many things that are made […]

Installment Loans for Companies

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  Why do business owners like installment payments? Deposits are reminiscent of a regular bank loan, you own the item and make amortization. see for further notes Installment for companies is a good financial solution when, for example, it is time to invest in new vehicles and machines. With installments, you use the machine […]